clivemaguire.204905.204925I have been living in the Amazon, on and off, for more than 12 years now, after emigrating from the UK with my wife. I teach English privately in Manaus, and this helps fund our unlavish lifestyle, my predeliction for writing, and our son’s addiction to ever-larger clothes and shoes. It seems I am also obliged to inform you that we live with our three dogs Toto, Bolinha and Bela. It would be strange if we did not.

I was raised and educated in various locations around the UK, although I still like Bristol best, which I remember through the fog of a heady mixture of Adge Cutler, scrumpy, and sex.

My passion for the rainforest began in 1989, when I first visited Peru, Brazil and Colombia. Maybe I should have picked a Spanish-speaking country, as I now speak a fairly useless second language quite fluently.

I wrote the On the Amazon books over the course of five years, and hope there may yet be a third book in the series. In the meantime I have several more books in hand, including my first full-length novel Watershed, a thriller based in Peru and Brazil. If you would like to be kept up to date on progress and publication dates of these, please register to receive updates.