logo_publish_todayHah – “Publish Today” my bum. It takes a lot longer than that to jump through all the various hoops. Anyway, I have finally I managed to put up the short story at Smashwords and Amazon. It took two goes in both cases – at Smashwords I realised I had put the wrong author name down (duh..) and at Amazon I spotted that I had “Diary of an Emigrant” on the cover and “Diary of an Immigrant” on the front page. I took the opportunity to change a couple of other things too, so it was worth the hassle. I reckon you could go on tweaking and fine-tuning more-or-less eternally, without ever publishing a word, so I’m pleased to have driven myself to take the final step. If there are still errors that the 10 or more edits did not catch, well, so be it. I’ll get round to them at leisure.

Now I have to go and do the same thing all over again with the first full-length book – except that this time there is the printed edition to worry about. I’ll be doing this via Amazon’s print-on-demand subsidiary Createspace. A whole new world of formatting and error checking. to look forward to. Oh Joy.

They say that after you’ve done this publishing exercise a few times it get easier and quicker. I’m looking forward to that!