banner-publish-with-createspace2I have done battle with Createspace and finally have a printed version of the first volume of the On the Amazon books. In the end, I found it easier than producing and uploading the e-version. WYSIWYG is a great concept and applies here. Provided you can produce a clean pdf file of your book, you’re in. What could be simpler?

Preparing the cover, on the other hand, I found challenging. However, this was as much to do with a fairly steep learning curve for the image processing software GIMP as with the Createspace process.cover-template

In terms of ease of use, the combination of Smashwords and Createspace processes would be my choice. Unfortunately is you need to use Amazon’s exclusive Kindle Select service, then Smashwords is out – at least for 90 days.

If you have not been through this process yet, you`re probably wondering what the hell I’m on about. Sorry – suffice to say, the first time round it’s tricky stuff.

Now, where did I put that manuscript for the next book…?