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x-defaultTwo Irishmen, one canoe, the Amazon rainforest. What can possibly go wrong?

Find out in this true short-story prequel to the On the Amazon – Diary of an Irish Emigrant books.

When I was persuaded to take newly-arrived Frank on a simple sightseeing canoe journey into the Brazilian Amazon, I believed I had everything under control. All we had to do was buzz around for a few days on the river, admire the wonders of the rainforest, and head home for a cold beer. When we lost our water and sank the boat, it got a little more complicated…

It’s not my canoe, amigo recounts a trip I made not long after first moving to the Amazon. I was young and inexperienced, and I had Frank. Frank came to Manaus looking for an easy escape from a not entirely successful career as a salesman in Belfast. His plans covered drinking and womanising in great detail, but largely ignored the challenges of finding a job and learning the language. He was good company on a visit to a bar. On a trip into the interior, maybe not so much.

Now available from Smashwords (use the link in the box below) and Amazon.co.uk. Please note: at the moment it’s only free from Smashwords.

Cover_P1_640x480‘It’s civilisation, but not as we know it.’ 

Believing we had the perfect plan to escape crisis-hit Europe, in 2007 my wife and I emigrated from the UK to the middle of the Brazilian Amazon. Within months the perfect plan was in shreds, the money was running out and the best that could be said about it all was that at least it wasn’t snowing. What happened next is the subject of the On the Amazon books.

The story is told over the course of a series of river expeditions through more than 10,000 miles of the Amazon, and part one – The Lean Years – covers the first four years. Dealing with a different culture and language is hard enough at the best of times, but when you throw in a healthy dose of crime, corruption, incompetence and an angry sloth, it gets more  interesting (at least in the Chinese sense).

Will we survive the onslaught, or be defeated by it all? Will I return from Lake Piranha with all my fingers, or learn how to pick up a sloth? Pick up a copy and find out!

This book is now available in paperback from the Createspace website and on Amazon.co.uk. It will shortly be available as an e-book.

On the Amazon Part 2 – The Mean Years

We thought the first four years were bad. We were in for a shock…

The second part of the On the Amazon series will be published in the autumn of 2016, and details how we dealt with everything from the joys of parenthood to armed robbery, illness and death between 2011 and 2016. It would either make or break us and you can find out how we coped by registering to receive advance notification of the publication date. Don’t miss it!

Watershed, a full-length action thriller

amazon from spaceThe Amazon is the mightiest river in the world. Control the source and you control the power.

A thunderstorm deep in the Peruvian rainforest triggers a chain of events that will change British trekker Ben McCrae’s life forever.  Narco-terrorists, the CIA, and the armed forces of three countries will stop at nothing to bury him and the secret he holds. Now a thousand miles of jungle separate Ben from safety, and the planet from a new world order.

Watershed is a full-length action thriller. It has been three years in the writing, and is based on my experiences in Peru, Brazil and Guyana. It is complete and undergoing its final editing and formatting before publication at the end of the summer of 2016. If you would like to know when it is published, please sign up for the email.

I will be adding some backstory pages to Watershed, as the research for the bad guys’ plot was fascinating. Go easy though, as some of it could be a spoiler. I’ll make sure I mark it as such, but you’ll need to exercise your judgement!

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